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Katie Cassidy: ‘Angel Girl Meets Nerd Girl’

Katie Cassidy – “Angel Girl Meets Nerd Girl.”

Katie truly is an Angel, and her Angel numbers happen to be 11:11, which she posted about on her Instagram account. It sounds pretty interesting…What is your angel number?

We did like Katie and calculated to figure out our angel numbers, it turns out they’re 5 for our birthdate and 1 for our name.

    • Angel number 1: Angel number 1 means you are adept at manifesting new possibilities to grow along your spiritual journey. The number 1’s angel number message resonates in the repeating 111 angel number through self-determination and the necessary creativity you need to manifest an ideal reality.
    • Angel number 5: Angel number 5 means you are naturally dynamic and looking for a change. The number 5 angel message echoes through the 555 angel number because of the clarity experiences from an upcoming transformation.

Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy